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Ghastly and MOONBOY Go ‘Psycho’ on Newest Single

Arizona native Ghastly already gave us one of the hardest songs of 2019 with “Heretic” featuring G-Rex and now he’s done it again with “Psycho.” This time, Ghastly calls upon one of the hottest new producers, MOONBOY, and the result is an unhinged, metal masterpiece. MOONBOY, born Jaime Madsen, is a dubstep producer who has amassed quite a following thanks to his entertaining Youtube tutorials and explosive tracks (if you’re a producer or just interested in production, be sure to check out his Youtube tutorials on everything from riddim to mid-tempo). He has gained the attention of veteran dubstep artists such as Virtual Riot and BORGORE and for a good reason. So, prepare your necks, because “Psycho” is going to send you on a headbanging journey.

The best part about “Psycho” is the pure energy the song generates. Many dubstep producers fall victim to the “copy and pasted” bass drop, but not Ghastly and Moonboy. The two producers have already proven themselves to be masters at creating some of the harshest sounds in dubstep, but they also will keep you entertained with slight changes that have a huge impact on the song’s progression as a whole. Before David Lee Crow became Ghastly, he was a vocalist in a metal band and it’s obvious a lot of his work is heavily inspired by metal. He emits a heavy metal force in “Psycho” that merges well with Moonboy’s punk influences. Together, the song is coherent, dynamic, and unapologetic.

While you may be distracted by the outrageous drop, one of the best parts of the track is in the bridge. After the first drop fades out, a nightmarish electric guitar- synth melody takes us to the next drop. This melody, when combined with dubstep bass growls, makes the song even more beautifully haunting and part of me wishes that we heard more of this melody in the drop itself. However, the song really is the 2019 dubstep anthem we’ve wanted with riddim influences to satisfy all of you mosh pit dwellers out there. We know that Ghastly is fully capable of creating some dubstep masterpieces and Moonboy has certainly proven himself worthy of the same.

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