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Kai Wachi & Sullivan King Drop Aggressive Heater ‘Between The Lines’

Two boundary-crossing artists Kai Wachi and Sullivan King have combined their genre-fluid skills for a face-melting collab titled “Between The Lines.” The single comes out on Kannibalen Records, a label and family that both Kai Wachi and Sullivan King are a crucial part of. Kai Wachi has cemented himself as a Kannibalen member because of his supersonic, dynamic sound that stretches across multiple genres. Sullivan King, or “Sully” as he’s affectionately called, melts his talents as a guitar god and neck-breaking dubstep producer (the long hair really speaks to this) for music that’s shattering electronic music expectations. You don’t need to read between the lines for the resulting gold collaboration from Sully and Kai Wachi. Take it for what it is: electrified, heavy metal dubstep.

Dark bass guitar instrumentals and a cheeky “this is noise” vocal sample are the only introductions you get to this track before it erupts into an exquisitely crafted drop. Kai Wachi brings a trademark dubstep sound, while Sully infuses heavy metal elements and instrumentals for a perfectly crafted track. The classic “everybody f*ckin’ jump” vocal sample preludes a brief explosion of hardstyle in the last drop, adding yet another element to finish off a well-rounded song. “Between The Lines” releases ahead of Kai Wachi’s new album Demigod coming May 31. We’ve got a chance for you to hear his new tracks ahead of the release, though, if you catch Kai Wachi opening for Midnight Tyrannosaurus at The Pressroom on May 25. Get your tickets now!

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