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Slushii Cools Us Down with Newest Single ‘Dreaming of You’

Last month, Slushii gave us a bass heavy track titled “Self Destruct” and this month he’s blessed us again with another banger in the form of Dreaming of You”. The song was released on Monstercat late last month before his much anticipated Monster Outbreak US tour. Slushii explains that he had completed the song a while ago, but was waiting for the perfect time to release it to his fans. Thankfully, he released it before his stop at the Van Buren on May 10 because “Dreaming of You” is sure to get the whole audience singing along. You can purchase tickets to Slushii’s show here.

While “Dreaming of You” isn’t a new kind of track from Slushii, we haven’t heard his future-bass inspired music in a while. The song proves his skill as a multi-genre EDM producer and long-time fans will be able to hear his evolution within the music. With sweet melodies, clean vocals, and a fun, dancey beat, the song is really everything we could have wanted from Slushii. The best part about “Dreaming of You” is how heartfelt the song feels. Slushii started producing electronic music at age 16 and now, 5 years later, he’s collaborated with distinguished artists such as Marshmello and Jauz, made US dance charts, and released two well-received studio albums. The song is a thank you to his loyal fans and supporters and already has over 75 thousand listens on Soundcloud. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear another future-bass Slushii track again soon because “Dreaming of You” is truly beautiful.

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