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Bommer & Point.Blank Team Up for ‘Drive By’

St. Louis native Zack Bommer, also known simply as Bommer on stage, is an impressive testament to hard work in the electronic community. He’s been pressed to improve his craft ever since he first started playing local bars before dubstep was even commonly known. Now, over four years later, people definitely know dubstep, and more and more know who Bommer is with every new track he puts out. His latest, a heavy dripping dubstep collaboration with Point.Blank called “Drive By,” is sure to carry him higher than he’s ever been.

Funky tech sounds fade in and out of the intro for this track before some yucky reverbs overtake with smacking bass and high-pitched synths. This track comes on Point.Blank’s new Detonation EP, and might just slap the hardest with the help of Bommer’s dubstep talents. If you like Bommer’s latest, make sure to catch him and HE$H at AURA on June 22. You can find tickets here.

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Connect with Bommer: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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