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BONNIE X CLYDE’s New Single Takes Them to New Heights

If you’ve been wanting a song that makes you feel like you’re soaring across the Metropolis skyline, then look no further because BONNIE X CLYDE just released the perfect song for you. It’s their second single of 2019, and “SO HIGH” is everything we could have wanted from this power-duo. Daniel Litman (CLYDE) and Paige Lopynski (BONNIE), have been heating up the scene since 2015 with their trap, future bass, electro pop-inspired tracks. We’ve heard their sound evolve over the years and “SO HIGH” is the perfect example of their unique style.

“SO HIGH” is a breathtaking song. With bright synths and impressive basslines that compliment the melodic elements, BONNIE X CLYDE have created a catchy yet mature track. “SO HIGH” effortlessly flows from heavy hitting basses to emotional lyrics. Paige Lopynski’s vocals add depth and fit perfectly with this future bass, trap fusion. BONNIE X CLYDE explain that the song’s inspiration comes from a pretty interesting place, “When we went into making this song we told ourselves let’s make something that makes you feel like a superhero”. “SO HIGH” definitely accomplished that goal and it’s all together a perfect song for fighting super villains and simply relaxing by the pool.

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