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Borgore & MOONBOY Leave ‘Gore On The Dancefloor’ with Nasty Collab

MOONBOY is a budding new dubstep DJ with a lot of talent and energy to offer the dancefloor. Borgore is a master of his craft; he’s been in the game for over ten years, and in that time he’s created his own subgenre “gorestep” and created his own label, Buygore. Both producers are creators of a truly disgusting sound, so fans have expected that their collaboration would be short of nothing but absolute gore. Finally, the two have combined their filthy minds for the dirtiest track to rule gorestep: a track perfectly deemed “Gore On The Dance Floor.”

Dubstep definitely isn’t dead, especially with producers like MOONBOY and Borgore keeping it alive, but there is gore on the dance floor after this collaboration. High-pitched crunching sounds contrast with heavy-hitting basslines for an energetic and revolting sound (in the best way.) Rico Act spits gross lyrics like “gobble up your cerebellum” that seal all the gnarly elements of this track together as one banger to satisfy headbangers and mosh-pitters alike. If you want to rage to this track and become gore on the dancefloor, catch MOONBOY at Trapfest on July 13. Grab your tickets now!

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