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From Heavy Dubstep to Haunting House, Kill the Noise Teams Up with Mija on ‘Salvation’

Taking a step back from heavy dubstep tracks to create a new haunting progressive house release, Kill the Noise partners with Mija’s vocals to give us “Salvation.” An eery twist to their own respective styles leaves their fans wonderfully mystified and antsy for what may come next. The experimental, yet welcomed song comes just in time for festival season as Mija and Kill the Noise take us on a synthesizer journey.

Kill the Noise – Salvation ft. Mija [visualizer]

Jack Stanczak, KTN, was revealed to be creating a series of songs for a movie soundtrack, according to an interview with Amber Giles, otherwise known as Mija. Although the song is new for KTN’s style, working on cinematic soundtracks is not. We’ll have to wait and see what new blockbuster or even indie film “Salvation” may appear in while enjoying the evocative take of KTN’s and Mija’s style.

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Source: Dancing Astronaut

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