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Illenium Releases ‘Good Things Fall Apart’ Featuring Jon Bellion

As a prominent name in the EDM industry, Illenium is often praised and cherished by many for his relatable, heart-shattering, and emotional tracks that seamlessly elicit passionate feelings of pain, past love, and closure/acceptance of these realities. It came as no surprise that his new collaboration with American singer and songwriter Jon Bellion was just as much of a tear-jerker as the title of the song suggests. Bellion is no stranger to the EDM scene. In 2015 he provided the vocals for the EDM hit “Beautiful Now” by world-renowned DJ Zedd. Bellion has also had quite a bit of individual success as a musical artist, releasing several mixtapes and studio albums during his career so far. His first album, The Human Condition, debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200.

Due to the level of talent, creativity, and success that both of these artists boast, this new collab was expectedly dynamic. The beginning of the song starts with a beautiful tune of an acoustic, finger-picking guitar melody. Soon to follow, Bellion’s soft and regretful vocals enter the soundtrack, telling the complicated and heart-wrenching story of a past love that ultimately fell apart. The lyrics dive into questioning the reasoning behind the break, the authenticity of the feelings that once felt real, and coming to terms with a broken heart.

ILLENIUM, Jon Bellion – Good Things Fall Apart

The chorus is surprisingly eccentric and upbeat, with louder sounds and shout-like vocals, while the words being sung stay true to the meaning of the song, asking what was done wrong and apologizing for this unknown factor anyway. This is arguably where Illenium’s influence in the song becomes most recognizable, his beautiful and smooth drops akin to the style of Future Bass and his own coined term ‘Melodic Dubstep’ guiding the song’s emotions and driving the intended feelings home.

Coming out of the chorus, Bellion’s vocals soften up once again and the background music quiets down and returns to a very acoustic vibe, where he accepts this pain and heartbreak and acknowledges that “sometimes good things fall apart”. If you have yet to listen to this new hit, get your tissues ready and your heart prepared for a trip down memory lane. Hopefully, the song will have its intended impact, and transition listeners from remembering good times that ultimately came to an end, to being able to look back and smile because they had them at all.

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