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Louis The Child Remixes Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘I Dreamt We Spoke Again’

Another day, another combination of two musical powerhouses within their respective genres, fusing their artistic abilities together to deliver an incredible piece of music. The prolific indie rockers of Death Cab for Cutie have tapped into the minds of Chicago-based producer duo Louis the Child for a summertime rendition of “I Dreamt We Spoke” off their 2018 album, Thank You for Today.

The original work, just like many Death Cab songs do, carried an electronic feel on its own, so it is no surprise that we are seeing a re-imagined version come to life. The guys in Louis the Child acquired the blessing from the band and transformed the tune into a down-tempo ballad with slight trap undertones that makes it a highlight on your summer playlist. Usually leaning towards the upbeat and dance-inducing side of electronic music, this is a nice change of pace for the duo. The melancholy lyrical content along with their dream-like instrumentals create a back and forth between happy and sad that is ultimately up to the listener to decipher. You can check out the official remix below.

It comes as no surprise when the Death Cab for Cutie name pops up within the EDM world. They have always incorporated electronic details within their music, making them an inspiration to many of today’s top DJs. For Louis the Child, this remix shows just how big of a splash they have been making not only in their own scene, but in music as a whole. Although at first it may have seemed like a strange collaboration, the final product is a refreshing summer tune that shows how seamlessly the two genres can come together, no matter how different they may originally seem.

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