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Mr. Carmack Loves Trap Music

Soundcloud and Bandcamp legend Mr. Carmack is back in no time at all with new music. The man has released 6 tracks this past month, not counting his full-length Demolish album, but this time switches it up with some hot throwback trap tracks. If you want a solid trip back to a wild EDM era look no further, these beats are the best in the business and show just how much Carmack loves trap music.

While labeled “2012,” “2013,” and “2016,” this nostalgic trio of songs have a typical Carmack spin that gives them their fresh feel, and minimal but amazing dynamics. “2016” is a favorite, comprised of simple but thumping drums and hypnotizing vocals. “2013” also hits heavy, emphasizing the early form of trap music in its best condition. Since getting into the game in 2013, this Honolulu based producer has racked up a very large audience by redefining music and putting on wicked performances across the globe.

Don’t miss Mr. Carmack on his Demolish Tour as he stops at Shady Park on Saturday, July 20. Click here to purchase tickets.

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