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RB Deep in the Mix: Sian Live @ EDCLV 2019

Ireland-born, Spain-native, and LA-based producer Sian might be considered a deep house DJ, but his eclectic sound is avant-garde in a way that appeals to the masses. The vibe of his music still has that smooth, warm sound that you sink in to like regular deep house, but he infuses samples and sounds to jolt and surprise you in a pleasant way. His tracks are acidic, sharp as a razor’s edge, and use that edge to push techno and house music past electronic boundaries into something totally unexplored. As this week’s RB Deep in the Mix, His EDC Las Vegas set stands as a nice example of Sian’s adventurous style. Listen below.

Sian’s set has techno’s structure with a taste of high energy big room because of unlikely injections like electrifying synths and space-age sounds. Sometimes techno takes a trained ear to appreciate what’s going on, but Sian’s music is a rare case where new listeners of techno and experts looking for the next new things can enjoy his talent.

If you’d like to experience this talent for yourself, then don’t miss Sian when he comes to Shady Park on July 6. Get your tickets now.

Connect with Sian: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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