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Snails and Krimer Release Highly Anticipated Collaboration ‘Jackhammer’

We’ve been seeing some pretty impressive dubstep collaborations lately, and Snails and Krimer just raised the bar that much higher. Snails has impressed us countless times with his heavy metal inspired tracks and Krimer constantly wows us with his distinctive and unique sound design. Fans have wanted a collaboration from the two Canadian artists for a while and on June 11, Snails and Krimer finally released the much anticipated “Jackhammer.”

“Jackhammer” starts off with an epic intro with Hans Zimmer-style horns, metal vocals, and a build-up that you won’t want to skip. With the tension rising, Snails and Krimer prepare you for one of the hardest drops you’ve heard in a while. The star of the first drop is a metallic bass that definitely lives up to the song’s name. The pure energy that’s emitted in “Jackhammer” is impressive and the momentum never dies. Snails and Krimmer end the first drop and go into a cinematic breakdown that introduces the best part of the song: the second drop. Usually, producers will only slightly change the second drop by adding a new vocal or a different drum pattern, but Snails and Krimmer go above and beyond in this song and you’ll just have to hear it to know what I’m talking about.

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