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Ubur and Somnium Sound Release Hard-Hitting Single ‘Runaway’

With dubstep and bass music exponentially growing in popularity, it’s becoming harder for artists to distinguish themselves and their music. Sound design is becoming more competitive and it’s gonna take a truly out-of-the-box idea to impress bass hungry fans. While this may seem daunting, Somnium Sound and Ubur have gladly accepted this challenge and let’s just say that they definitely succeeded. On May 31, Somnium Sound and Ubur released “Runaway”. “Runaway” is a truly breathtaking song with creatively designed basses and a melody that’s both catchy and subtly creepy.

“Runaway” starts off with reggae-inspired vocals and organic percussion that suddenly switch to an explosive bass drop. The vocals are catchy and add an eerie and unique element to the song. The drop itself is as insane as you’d imagine a Somnium Sound and Ubur collaboration to be. With basses constantly being added and then altered slightly, “Runaway” never stops evolving in intensity. One of the most compelling aspects of the song is the “laser bass” that follows the main basses during the drop. This feature, in addition to the subtle reggae aesthetic, really sets the song apart from other dubstep tracks, a challenging task that Somnium Sound and Ubur have perfectly completed.

Be sure to catch Ubur on his ‘A Wholesome Gathering’ tour with Ray Volpe at Aura Nightclub in Tempe on June 15 (tickets available here).

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