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Flux Pavilion Finds His Melodic Side on ‘Somebody Else’

The amount of filthy bass that English DJ Joshua Steele, famously known as Flux Pavilion, has delivered fans over the past ten years has never been short of extraordinary. Raging alongside the stardust covered producer is always a must at every show as he delivers track after track for bodies in the crowd. Headlining three US tours, two UK tours, and sets like Coachella, Glastonbury, and EDC Las Vegas, while also co-founding a record label with Doctor P called Circus Records, the relentless stream of roaring bass lines and replay-worthy tunes makes sense.

But lately, Flux Pavilion has been slowing down and tapping into his melodic side. Earlier this year he released singles “Lions Gate” with Nevve, “Symphony” with Layne, and “Room to Fall” in collaboration with Marshmello and Elohim. Now, he debuts “Somebody Else” featuring GLNNA. From the very beginning we know we are going to be running full speed into a pool of feels. A vibrant, atmospheric intro glides us into a lush bed that is GLNNA’s vocals. It’s an emotion-driven future bass trip, exploring unrequited love in all the right ways. Be prepared to soak up every bit of emotion this track purely explodes with. Check it out below.

GLNNA is no stranger to music either. Starting at the age of 12 writing songs in her bedroom, she aspired to get to the Top 40s chart through her powerful vocals. She’s collaborated alongside artists like CID, Zephure, and now Flux Pavilion. LA-born GLNNA is well on her way to reaching her goals with a voice as sticky and smooth as honey.

Flux Pavilion and GLNNA’s sentimental, blood-rushing track is what every heartfelt future bass fan has been waiting for. We can hope that confetti will explode from the stage at Bassrush Massive to add to the already carefully crafted atmosphere Flux Pavilion creates with “Somebody Else.” See him alongside BTSM, Herobust, Riot Ten, Mastadon, Zeke Beats, and Sharps on August 24th. Grab tickets for the show here.

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