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Graves and Zeke Beats Get a Twisty DnB Remix from UKato

Just four months ago Hawaiian-born bass guru graves dropped his expressive EP, Far From Here. Teaming up with the likes of RL Grime earlier in the year to drop “Arcus,” Party Favor with “Reach For Me,” and later releasing this seven-track EP, graves is an unstoppable force this 2019. His progress in the scene has impacted those with an affinity for emotionally charged, heavy-hitting pieces and he continues to take listeners on a head-rolling, hair-raising rollercoaster.

If you don’t know graves, born Christian Mochizuki, then it’s time to take a quick look at his versatile, yet highly successful career thus far. Starting out as an engineer for Kanye West on albums My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch the Throne, both of which won Grammys, he gained infectious confidence that helped him release a slew of songs over the next few years. Producing tracks from progressive house to dubstep, hip-hop and even reggae, graves amassed a fan base strong enough to follow him in whatever venture he pursues.

His Far From Here EP is one of his most introspective works to date. In a quote, Mochizuki said the EP, “…is letting everyone stand at the window of my house, peer inside and see what’s going on inside my heart and inside my brain.” He wanted to reflect his emotions in a project that both make people feel something and “rage with integrity.” His personality resonates in his music and he wants his audiences to resonate with those same feelings.

graves’ “Intro,” albeit short, starts the EP off strong with a mumbling bassline and rising chords, that suddenly drop low in a static fashion. And now, it’s getting a twisty new D&B remix that’ll light your speakers on fire in speedy staccato beats. As one of the youngest producers around, New Delhi-based producer UKato takes a crack at reworking graves’ and Zeke Beats’ heart racing collaboration. graves tweeted that he had met UKato while he was in India and the young producer asked to flip the track. This new D&B artist vamps the song in double time, fueling the excitement and fire the original delivers, “absolutely crushing it.”

UKato is giving us yet another reason to get emotionally and physically ready to introduce Mochizuki back into Arizona. graves will be bringing his heart-wrenching, full bass set to AURA on August 3rd. Get tickets here. You can also catch Zeke Beats at this year’s Bassrush Arizona on August 24th. See the full lineup and grab tickets here.

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