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Jkyl & Hyde Go ‘New Retro’

We got that new new from Jkyl & Hyde and it comes in the form of a bass-filled wonky-wasted track called “New Retro.” We first introduced the new up-and-coming DJ duo as our DJ to Watch just a few months ago in celebration of his support at our MONXX show this weekend. Now, the boys are back in the blog with a hot new track and we won’t stop till all of Arizona is vibing t0 “New Retro.”

We have no regrets in calling Jkyl & Hyde your new favorite bass duo and after you check out their new track, the deal will be sealed. Check it out below.

It’s important that you experience this song live. Jkyl & Hyde are playing direct support for Monxx at Aura Nightclub on July 6th. Grab tickets here!

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