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Keys N Krates are Back with ‘A Beat Tape For Your Friends’

Its been an almost radio silent year since the release of the DJ trio’s debut album, Cura, in January 2018, but the electro-hiphop producers are back with something that takes a deep look at their roots and inspirations. Toronto-based artists Adam Tune, David Matisse, and Greg Dawson (Jr. Flo), or most highly known as Keys N Krates, debut A Beat Tape For Your Friends, an 11 track, all-instrumental release that honors the inspiration of hip-hop beat tapes in an undeniably unique way. Most tracks are composed beautifully to transport you into chill vibes, while others offset the lo-fi beats with club-ready bass-lines. Groovy disco and house bubble to the surface in some, while glittering in the background of others.

This tape is the perfect mix for summer, whether you’re staying in to beat this insane Arizona heat or getting ready to go out with friends. Each song seems to blend so seamlessly, creating the effect that the vibes will never end, while still offering something new as the next song plays. Listen below.

“Hawt Disco Loop” sets the listeners up for an understanding of a tranquil journey from one song to the next. “Never Stop” picks up the pace and will leave you swaying along to the piano notes and galactic-like swirls in the background. “Changes (Interlude)” plays around with gospel-like vocals and guitar notes while maintaining the electro sounds we all know and love. And we are cascaded lastly into an “Evening at the Beach” where it’s easy to imagine exactly that. With choppy beats and glowing overtones, it’s impossible not to want to watch the sun setting on the horizon and waves crashing onto the shore while you dig your toes into the hot sand.

We aren’t used to this type of album from the trio, but it’s definitely a reminder of the versatility Tune, Matisse, and Dawson have in the scene when it comes to the types of tracks they produce (think back to Flute Loop ft. Ouici). Keys N Krates left open more opportunity for this album to transform into so much more, that remixes are sure to pour in from every outlet. For now, we can enjoy the exploration between this hip-hop and dance-inspired beat tape as the temperature continues to climb.

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Source Photo: Rhyan Correia

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