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Relive Manilla Killa’s ‘1993’ with 7 Must-Hear Remixes

As Manila Killa, Chris Gavino produces a variety of summery EDM tracks ranging from tropical house to trap to chilled-out dance-pop. Gavino was born in the capital city of the Philippines (hence his moniker) in 1993 and since emerging onto the scene the chill vibe EDM game has never been the same. Just a mere four months ago, Manilla dropped his debut EP entitled 1993 with the hit single, “1993.” Cleary this year means a lot to the producer but until you give it a listen, you’ll never understand the magnitude.

The EP is an experience. You’re taken through melodic ups and downs, all the while enjoying the ride. It evokes an engaged ear from top to bottom due to its wildly diverse genres. It’s an EMP (extended masterpiece).

After months of enjoying 1993 Manilla gave the album some new life with 7 must-hear remixes by noted producers including Slow Magic, Kuur, MYRNE and more. Check it out below.

Let’s turn back the clock and party like its “1993”. Come out to Aura on October 18 to get down with this bad mood Killa; grab your tickets here.

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