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Valentino Khan and Diplo Team Up on ‘JustYourSoul’

Valentino Khan and Diplo come together for an unusual collab in the form of a house track. “JustYourSoul” is from Khan’s forthcoming House Party EP out on Diplo’s Mad Decent label. “JustYourSoul” features melodic grooves, classic four-on-the-four beat, and dancefloor-friendly vocals. It’ll be a hit across dance floors and festival stages alike. Check it out below.

“JustYourSoul” follows Valentino Khan’s beginning-of-summer smash “Pony” as well as its trippy and hilarious music video Khan is known for.

Diplo said, “Valentino is on the fringe of every genre, and all his records are consistent in every DJ’s sets. He’s made many future classics, so I’m glad to finally have an EP full of them being released through Mad Decent,” while khan notes, “Diplo has been a collaborator and big supporter of mine since day one. We both have always shared a forward-thinking approach to music. It was dope to link up and create a vibey house track for the summer & beyond.” 

The pair seem to favor each other so we hope to see more from them in the future. Valentino Khan’s House Party EP is set to drop on August 9th.

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