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Will Clarke and Gene Farris’ Release ‘Inside My Head’

When Bristol turned out the long-beard, tech-house cuddler, Will Clarke, the world wasn’t ready at first. But once his single “Big Booty” was playing in every club around the world and he joined the DIRTYBIRD flock, the US couldn’t get enough. Clarke captured the attention of the scene here and demands were made for his unique music to hit stages across the states. In his first year touring, he played well over 100 shows worldwide, far exceeding what anyone anticipated. Will Clarke has definitely made a permanent mark with his presence and we are here to listen. Since, he has worked alongside Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet, graced stages at HARD, SnowGlobe, and CRSSD, and started his own radio show in 2015, The Barber Shop. He’s featured guests on said show like Groove Armada, MK, Yousef, and the list goes on.

In his latest single with Gene Farris, the two superheat a metallic mixture of alluring house and dense vocal riffs to create a molten hypnotic experience that’ll ooze onto dance floors around the world if it hasn’t already. Out now on Gene’s own label, Farris Wheel Recordings. Check it out below.

Gene Farris hails from Chicago and has been exploring the wide expanse of music for three decades through playing warehouse parties in the ’90s, making marks on labels like Relief and DIRTYBIRD, and evolving amongst different genres. With his long history and self-made persona, Farris has and continues to make waves in the house and techno scene.

These two are definitely an unparalleled match, delivering an unpredictable, yet gripping track that’ll make you wonder if they got inside your head long after the song comes to an end.

Connect with Will Clarke: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Connect with Gene Farris: Facebook | Twitter

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