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Black Tiger Sex Machine Remixes ‘Gold (Stupid Love)’

Do you crave bass and dubstep that create the sensation of being in a futuristic thriller? Then welcome to Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s church. The trio of producers in their infamous sleek cat helmets throw down sets that are more than just musical acts. It’s a performance: one filled with music that’s hard to put into a box. According to their Facebook page, BTSM “perform a unique show which is part DJ-set, part live, in which we combine tracks, loops, drums, samples and synths into an intense barrage of sounds and beats, all while wearing our trademark Tiger Helmets.” Barrage is right – riding rail for a BTSM show probably feels like an extreme onslaught of heavy, unrelenting music. Another artist with a similarly aggressive style is Excision, and recently BTSM undertook remixing his collaboration with Illenium titled “Gold (Stupid Love).” Listen to it below.

Rather than try to overtake the weight Excision has already thrown into the dubstep part of this track, BTSM focuses on the smoother, understated elements of “Gold.” A dreamy faraway intro to the remix only teases a taste of their heat. Then, smooth glitch dub with infusions of original female vocals, victorious brass, and nearly futuristic synths is topped off with BTSM’s signature growling bass for a combination of delicate and destructively heavy. Don’t miss these cool cats when they come to Bassrush Massive Arizona on August 24th. Hurry, get your tickets here!

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