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DJ to Watch: Conrank

What’s a FKNG Conrank, you ask? It’s something we can’t explain with words as well as we can explain with an album. UK-born and bred DJ and producer, Conrank, has quickly established himself as one of bass music’s most innovative voices and his latest collection of work entitled What’s a FKNG Conrank, tells you everything you need to know about him and his reason for being today’s DJ To Watch.

To know Conrank is to know his past. Many a DJs who we proclaim that you should “watch” usually don’t have the resume that Conrank flexes. He got into the scene initially as a beat-boxer in London during the creative peak of the UK grime & hip-hop scene. After touring Europe with neighborhood friend and fellow beat-boxer Killa Kela, Conrank switched gears to track production towards the end of the decade; finding his feet as an artist and writing music for commercial campaigns (Levi’s, etc). After spending years as a bedroom laptop producer he finally emerged as a full-fledged DJ in 2010 with his first live performance, wowing a crowd of thousands at London’s infamous ‘Secret Garden Party’. Following successes include partnering with bass god, Bassnectar, is highly regarded in China a “one of the best”, and has recieevd steady track support by renowned DJs like A-Trak, Gaslamp Killer, DJ Craze, Buku, and more.

You can find out who the ‘ef Conrank is on November 16 along side Dirt Monkey and Zia at Tempe’s Aura. Don’t miss this bass, grab your tickets here.

Connect with Conrank: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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