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DJ to Watch: Dorfex Bos

Angelo Tursi, better known as Dorfex Bos, is a name you should familiarize yourself with if you’re into that wonky weird bass music (read: ‘Nectar fans, Dorfex is your guy.) DB emerged from the West Coast bass scene in the early 2000s and instantly blossomed for his lush and eclectic downtempo, dubstep and electronica beats. Most notably he has multiple collaborations with Bassnectar, including self-titled “Dorfex Bos”, “Horizons”, “Other Worlds” and the much loved, anthemic, “Hold On.” Listen below to indulge in this week’s DJ to Watch.

His Viva La Voom mix for Deja Voom above is, in Dorfex’s own words, “the first time I ever sat down and compiled tracks and recorded a traditional DJ mix. All of my live sets so far have been all original, so I’m not going to lie, this was a bit daunting. That being said, this mix reminds me of what Deja Voom really represents: pushing boundaries, evolving concepts, and changing the game up.” Dorfex is a creatively unbound genius with an idiosyncratic taste for bass. If your curiosity is peaked, embark on a journey of emotion and low-end vibration when Dorfex Bos opens for LSDream at Shady Park on October 4th. Get your tickets here.

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Photo: Ginger Wesson

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