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Find ‘A Place To Rest’ with Ducky’s New Release

Even though LA-based producer, Ducky, has (low-key) been in the game since she was 13, her recent string of releases are putting her on the map. Ranging from emotionally-driven melodic hits to emotionally driven hard-core bangers, Morgan Neiman is delivering an imprint of glossy animation and hypnotic genre-fluid tracks. She’s released songs on notable labels like Insomniac Records and Nest and worked alongside artists like Skrillex while producing masterful singles and collaborations like with Jauz on “Rave With Me.” Earlier this year Ducky dropped her EP I Still Believe in Love and single “Addicted To Your Distance.” It’s been a productive year for her, as release after release resonates with her listeners and continues to build a dedicated following. “A Place To Rest” is her most recent single, in addition to her remix of PLS&TY’s “Run Wild.” Each song takes us on an almost digitized journey, of heavy-hitting synths and melodic dubstep blows. “A Place To Rest” is out now via Deadbeats. Listen below.

Ducky seems to know how to touch our sentimental, yet chaotic sides with her beautiful vocals that drop listeners into a pool of ethereal static beats and rushing bass. She brings an irresistible vibe and is one to follow for sure, as her “cartoon-girl in a made up world” aesthetic both live and on track-covers draw us in to keep listening release after release. Welcome to the Quack House.

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