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Michelle Sparks Releases Innovative Techno Compilation: Psychological Manipulation

If you’ve been needing more techno in your life, look no further because Michelle Sparks, the Arizona-based Goddess of techno, has just released a compilation that’s modern, classic, yet completely innovative. The compilation titled Psychological Manipulation was released on August 8 on Octopus Records, home to techno geniuses like Hidden Empire and Jay Lumen. Psychological Manipulation contains fifteen brilliant original songs from up and coming and established artists in addition to an hour long mix by Michelle Sparks. 

Each song on Psychological Manipulation has been thoughtfully selected by Michelle Sparks. Songs like “Frenetic” by Shelley Johannson and “Lost in Transit” by Shaun Moses are tributes to classic techno with analog-inspired sounds and groovy basslines. If you like your techno with a more modern flair, be sure to listen to “Megastructure” by Luca Marchese and “Music and Sound” by I Am Bam. The combination of futuristic and classic techno is then carefully blended together in an hour long Psychological Manipulation mix by Michelle Sparks that seamlessly transitions for the ultimate techno experience. 



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