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Tomorrowland 2019 Recap: A Lifelong Memory from Each Day

Another August marks another Tomorrowland in the books. 15 years strong, and its meteoric rise as the world’s premier international EDM festival is really something to behold. A whole country shifts its public transport, contracts workers in the hundreds, and sections off a few square kilometers to provide a truly life-changing experience for both the international traveler, local, and festival junkie alike. Aside from its countless amenities that a venerated festival-goer would only dream of, like full grocery stores to makeup studios, Tomorrowland offers a truly unique festival experience, and all the stops were pulled this year.  With the release of the 2019 Aftermovie, here’s a breakdown of Tomorrowland’s highlights each day.

Tomorrowland Belgium 2019 | Official Aftermovie

Day 1:  Eric Prydz & the EPIC 6.0 HoloSphere

Eric Prydz has been pushing the envelope of performance visuals for years with his epic shows.  Tomorrowland Weekend 1 served as the world debut of his newest stage presentation Holosphere.  As seen in the aftermovie, this was a giant LED laced sphere that Prydz performed from inside of with incredible visuals mapped to it. Hands down these are the most advanced, stunning visuals ever to have been brought out to a festival using some of the most cutting edge technology. It’s size and complexity may attribute to the fact that there are no future dates announced at this time, but one can only hope that this changes the stage visual game going forward.

Eric Prydz Tomorrowland 2019

Day 2:  Netsky & Partying with the Locals

One of the biggest surprises of Tomorrowland was the sheer amount of stages.  Clocking in at 17, this offers a ton of options to see different acts that don’t have to conform to the Main Stage crowd. Case in point, Netsky and his performance at the Garden of Madness stage. Being a Belgium local, the crowd really showed up in full support and ready to rage.  This wild mix of Drum n Bass and Dub was the perfect way to cap off a chart topping day at the main stage. The Sun doesn’t set until 9 PM in Belgium. This makes the vibe of a night time performance extremely rare at a festival that ends at 1 AM, and combining this with a firework show timed at the beginning of his set made this one of the most memorable performances of the weekend.

Day 3:  Symphony of Unity& Post Cards

After 2 nights of music and raging (3 if you’re camping) the final day of the festival was a great opportunity to see some of the lesser notarized amenities and acts. The walkway into the festival was lined with different sorts of live performers, from a trash-can drum-line to piano players, and dancers. The most surprising act to have seen, however, was the Symphony of Unity, a full, conducted orchestra.  They played re-imagined versions of genre-defining hits from Eric Prydz to Fisher, and everything in between.

Symphony of Unity | Tomorrowland Belgium 

With another Tomorrowland in the books and memories made for 300,000+ people, we’re getting ready to kick off festival season here in Arizona.  You don’t have to go all the way to Belgium to get your own slice of festival fairytale. Come back to the old west with us at Goldrush 2019. Grab your tickets here.

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