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Upcoming Dark Bass Artist HVDES Releases Chilling New EP

If you haven’t heard of HVDES yet, it’s time you get to know the master of dark bass. For the past few years, HVDES has been tearing up the scene and has given us some hauntingly heavy bangers like “Revelations” and “Mind Control” featuring ATLAST. Her unique sound and aesthetic has attracted quite an audience in recent years and she’s just getting started. HVDES recently released Stand Alone Complex EP, a powerful collection of some of her best work yet. The EP features two solo songs with a collaboration from upcoming dark electronic artist, Crimson Child. Every song on Stand Alone Complex perfectly suits her style and it’s obvious that HVDES is a force you won’t want to mess with.

“Akuma” is the first song on Stand Alone Complex and while the track is just as heavy as HVDES’ other songs, there’s an underground funkiness that makes it perfectly danceable. The vocals make you feel like you’re in a horror anime while the pleasantly frightening drop switches from one bass to the next. “Ghost.exe” featuring Crimson Child is the next song on Stand Alone Complex and the glitchy basses and creepy, yet alluring lyrics make it easily one of the best songs on the EP. The song never loses your attention and every time you listen to it you’ll notice tiny details that add up to create a horror masterpiece. The final song on Stand Alone Complex, “Human,” starts off with a chilling melody and quickly evolves into a groovy, industrial drop. HVDES did an incredible job incorporating classic techno elements with modern sounds making “Human” a truly original song. 

Stand Alone Complex is some of HVDES’ most impressive music yet. Her sound is mature and sophisticated, all while sounding completely unique.

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