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Volac & illusionize Deliver Energetic House Hit ‘In A Club’

Presumably you aren’t currently in a club while reading this article, but you’ll definitely wish you were once you hear this fun and vibrant hit that Russian electronic duo Volac just released. With relentless, deep, and powerful basslines that guide this track all the way through, you’ll feel your foot tapping, your head bobbing, and your body swaying to the consistent yet energetic beats sure to satisfy house music lovers to the core. Even those unfamiliar to the duo’s sounds, which are known to combine elements of G-House, Bass House, and Deep House, are sure to vibe and love this groovy and deep-hitting song. Partnering up with Brazilian DJ illusionize and electronic musician Andre Longo, this hit was sure to be a success. Listen to the track below:

The duo often works with friends and close connections in the industry to produce their music, featuring guest mixes that are praised and enjoyed by clubbers all over. They are also popularly known for their unique cartoon comics, called ‘Volacast’, which feature characters that are extremely similar to the DJs themselves, embodying the style, habits, and overall personalities of the duo. As Volac continues to groove and impress, listeners can rest assured that they will be supplied with satisfying beats and deep vibes that are sure to keep them going all night long.

You can catch Volac B2B with Phlegmatic Dogs on December 1 at Shady Park. Grab tickets here.

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