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Welcome to The Salty ‘Spitune.’ How Tough Are Ya?

Denver-based producer, Decadon, is back with another heavy-hitting bass track, “Spitune,” for all the meme-lovers and headbangers alike. This masterpiece is truly up to par with his rock’n’roll dubstep fusion that this rapid rising producer calls “rockstep,” but it adds a little something that’ll leave you laughing while you break your neck. The track opens strong with a few deep guitar notes, that set up complete anticipation and a famous line from an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. Already having listeners grinning, the riffs come in heavy and the song explodes into beats that’ll make your hairs stand on end and your bones rattle. If SpongeBob saying “wow” to each drop isn’t enough, Decadon adds a meme, and I think we’ll all be needing some milk by the time the song ends. You’ll have this track stuck on repeat trying to figure out just how Decadon was able to spin something so goofy, yet so chaotically savage. Listen below.

Donnie Miller has made a name for himself through performances at Decadence Colorado, Lost Lands, Phoenix Lights, and Goldrush while also spinning out singles that continuously make it to Beatport’s Top 100. Smashing together his two passions, rock’n’roll and electronic music, to create wanton headbangers, Decadon is a force to be reckoned with. He’s coming in hot with his electric live performances and this new-found genre “rockstep.” You won’t want to miss his return on August 17th at Aura Nightclub. Grab tickets here as he welcomes you all to the salty “Spitune,” get ready to break those necks.

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