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An Unprecedented Incident That Influenced Hot Since 82’s EP ‘8-Track’

Hot Since 82, also known as Daley Padley, has created hard-hitting baselines and darker kicks since picking up discography in the early 2000s. His work signifies audaciousness. Each track allows listeners to venture through the atmospheric melodies, provoking a sense of emotion for not only the audience but from Daley Padley himself. Hot Since 82 released an EP in July known as 8-Track, a collection full of sensation and sentiment. Grief is not an emotion to swallow easily; it’s like a shadow that hovers, and without genuinely facing it, it will always be there behind you. Hot Since 82 provided insight into what influenced his EP release ‘8-Track’. The revelation for this album stemmed from the heartbreaking loss of his best friend, Paul Cooper, to suicide which occurred in the Summer of 2017. The aftermath of losing his best companion caused a void in his heart; It created a stillness in his innovation for music and exacerbated his apprehension to continue to tour. Padley even reports the incident caused him to become futile. There were more significant issues that arose that encompassed partying more, and focusing less. “I completely lost my head, and I wasn’t talking to anyone, not even my partner,” were comments made in an interview with Mixmag last month. 

‘8-Track’ is purposely supposed to elicit an emotional response from listeners. Compared to other albums, this EP is subdued and reflective in its art form. Padley’s motive to developing such soft yet endearing sounds empowered him to not only step out of his comfort zone to create a new album, but it was remedial in his healing process. In creating this EP, the message it sends is to care for personal wellness. Proceeds from the album will be donated to a mental health organization of Cooper’s parents choosing. In doing so, this should hopefully bring to light the importance of mental health and how one should not become negligent to it. Padley shares that the album has instilled a greater sense of self and has also allowed him to develop the aspect of immediacy. ‘8-Track’ includes songs that evoke gentle undertones.”Rest Your Head” is a track on the album that was composed one week after Cooper’s death. This song resembles more of a broken beat or dubby vibe; Most of all, it unveils the anguish or disparity from Padley’s perspective and what he felt while he was grieving. In order to listen to this track, listeners can download and purchase the EP, as it is intended to be a secret bonus track for acquiring the album. The project aimed at capturing the feeling of loss and it did just that. Padley believes releasing such a profound album has implemented personal closure and clarity that will continuously carry on throughout his work. 

Hot Since 82 will be putting on an impressive performance not only once, but twice on the same day in Tempe. The first performance will be taking place at Shady Park, which is presently sold out, but you can catch him at his second go-around taking place in one of Tempe’s newest venues, Sunbar on October 13th. You can purchase tickets here.

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