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Coyu & Moby Collab on ‘I May Be Dead, But One Day The World Will Be Beautiful’

What do you get when a Techno artist pairs up with a downtempo icon? You get something completely original combines the best of two very different worlds. That’s exactly what happened with Spanish Techno producer Coyu and Moby, the award-winning pioneer of early dance music. The track, with the lengthy title “I May Be Dead, But One Day The World Will Be Beautiful,” is out now via Coyu’s very own Suara label. Hit play below and see what you think.

The song starts off slow with samples of animal noises (Coyu is a known cat-lover and Moby an animal rights activist) and builds into an eerily pleasant melody, with a driving beat. The single will appear on Coyu’s upcoming album, You Don’t Know, expected out later this month.

You won’t want to miss Coyu at Shady Park on September 22nd. Grab tickets here!

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