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Deadmau5 Classic ‘For Lack Of A Better Name’ Celebrates 10 Years!

Deadmau5, born Joel Zimmerman, is notorious for his twisted intellect and contrasting variation when it comes to his musical brilliance. He has manifested a shift in electronic dance music culture by influencing and impacting artists worldwide. Deadmau5 not only induces charismatic charm within his symphonic tendencies but has astounded attendees by generating a production constructed from a meticulously made cube. Deadmau5 produced an iconic album in 2009 known as For Lack of a Better Name. With that said, it officially celebrates 10 years as of last week. The album encompasses legendary tracks that carved innovation throughout his discography career and propelled additional achievements to present day. Some of the acclaimed tracks include the renown “Strobe,” “Ghosts N Stuff,” and the title-track “Lack of a Better Name.” 

For Lack of a Better Name was Deadmau5’s fourth studio album. Die-hard fans, especially since the establishment of such an appealing record, would agree that this specific EP chiseled the love they have for electronic music today. For Lack of a Better Name is infused with harmonic tunes, a motley of tech and progressive vibrations, as well as unadulterated diversification amongst each track. The composition instills an outlet that evokes disconnection from reality, allowing audiences to unshackle their emotions on the dance floor. When hit singles are dropped from this album, audiences are captivated by its affect and pleasant remembrances. Joel’s use of synth waves and instrumental beats establishes a joyous message that resonates through any crowd.

If you have yet to catch such a legendary performance live, there is still time to snag your tickets for his upcoming show THIS WEEKEND at Comerica theater in Phoenix. It will be the Arizona premiere of his new stage design, Cube v3, so you won’t want to miss it. You can purchase your tickets here.

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