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Electronic Meets Indie-Pop on Whethan and The Knock’s Latest Single

The weather is cooling down, kids are going back to school, and it seems like fall is right around the corner. Yet, like the rest of us, Whethan and The Knocks aren’t ready to end summer just yet. If you miss that easy-going summer lifestyle and want to keep spending your days by the pool, Whethan and The Knocks’ latest single, “Summer Luv” featuring electronic indie-pop band, Crystal Fighters, is the perfect way to relive those fond memories. 

“Summer Luv” is nostalgic, upbeat, and Crystal Fighters lyrics will instantly put you in a great mood. The Knocks and Whethan perfect the 80’s pop aesthetic with organic plucks that make you feel like you’re sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand. “Summer Luv” is part alternative-pop, part electronic and this unique combination is exactly why Whethan and the Knocks are so talented. When asked about his inspiration for the track, Whethan explains how the song is not about summer, but about the feeling of summer itself, “Summer has never been just a season to me, but more of a feeling or mindset. That feeling is what I want people to experience when they listen to ‘Summer Luv’.”

If you enjoyed this electronic indie-pop masterpiece, be sure to check out Whethan, The Knocks, and the Crystal Fighters below.
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