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First Impressions from Sacha Robotti’s ‘Welcome to Slothacid’

Having traveled and performed all over the globe, house and techno music producer Sacha Robotti is no stranger to the music scene. The German-born Robotti now resides in Los Angeles, California and has been impacting American dance music for years. After releasing original tracks across major influential dance record labels such as Dirtybird, Insomniac Records, and This Ain’t Bristol, Sacha Robotti is taking his Slothacid brand to the next level. His new project, Welcome to Slothacid EP on his own Slothacid label acts as a personal introduction to Robotti’s unique sound.

Four distinct tracks make up Welcome to Slothacid for a total of 17 minutes of foot-stomping and grooving action. Starting off with “Tail Of A Siren,” the song’s baseline and funky vocals immediately pull listeners into the world of Slothacid. Next up, “Generator” lays down a purely instrumental beat that is sure to bring a heavy reaction from a crowd with its electric build-ups. A mesmerizing female vocalist provides a psychedelic atmosphere on the third track “Forget Tomorrow,” that might cause one to even forget where they are. This song ties together the essence of Sacha Robotti’s work, a medley of smooth beats that dig one deeper into dance floors. Transitioning perfectly into “Miles From Home,” the last track raises the tempo of the project for a more upbeat yet casual sound reminiscent of watching the perfect sunrise show.

First impressions are key and Welcome to Slothacid is a special one. Fit for jamming, partying, and all other methods of enjoying music expect more doses of the Slothacid effect from Sacha Robotti. In an interview with he said, “The plan with my label is to release music that’s special to me without falling too deep into the dogma trap of genres and styles that are popular at this moment. I‘m trying to express myself and explore…the first EP is a snapshot of the range of music I want to showcase on Slothacid Records, this is a creative freedom I want to retain and reflect with my label!”.  

With a name like Slothacid, creative freedom is definitely a given for Sacha Robotti’s performances. He’s currently touring America with an invested approach of playing open to close sets at all of his shows. Hear Welcome to Slothacid for yourself when Sacha Robotti literally takes over the Shady Park decks for an open to close experience Sunday, October 20th. Get your tickets here and enjoy the trip. 

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