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Flux Pavilion, What So Not and The Chain Gang of 1974 Create Colossal Collab

Since Flux Pavilion released a photo of him and What So Not in the studio on July 27th, fans have been itching for the track to drop. These future bass gurus know how to ignite every bass line they produce with such heavy-hitting passion that their collaboration was sure to rock crowds everywhere. And “20:25” is going to do just that, but more. Teaming up with The Chain Gang of 1974, born Kamtin Mohager, these three produce a track that strays from the wild ride we were expecting to take. Instead, “20:25” treads unknown waters where gloomy synthpop meets the flowing future bass we’re more used to. Developing a wobbly bassline that gets your head bobbing and body moving, Mohager’s silky vocals weave with the warped synth to craft a highly delicate tune about the loneliness of afterlife. What So Not’s collaboration with Flux Pavilion will truly be unforgettable as these two create an entirely new vibe for their individual soundscapes. Out now on Circus Records, check out “20:25” below.

With the release of this track, we are even more excited to announce What So Not to be one of the first productions to take stage at the new Track Club in Downtown, Phoenix. Opening in just a few short weeks, fans are in for an all-new experience when it comes to raving and seeing their favorite DJs perform live.

Australian-producer Chris Emerson, aka What So Not, has taken the world by storm. Through remixes, collabs, original releases, and mind-blowing sets, we can’t help but continue to fall in love with the production and aesthetic that Emerson has created. So, be sure to grab tickets FAST to hear his latest release, “20:25,” and experience the all-new Track Club.

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