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Follow the ‘Footprints’ with Morgan Page and HALIENE

Morgan Page has been an undeniable presence in the scene as his music and sound evolves to captivate audiences year after year. Starting almost 10 years ago, Page has reached millions with his versatile productions, keeping us on our toes as he morphs new passions, new technologies, and new sounds into his own. His latest track is a beautiful burner of support and guidance for those who’ve fought for too long and just need some “Footprints” to follow. Morgan Page partnered with HALIENE’s crisp vocals to raise listeners high over an airy bass line soaring side-by-side synthesized pianos. The track reaches glittering peaks after each chorus and then floats us down smoothly one after the next until the song’s close. “Footprints” is one that pulls on the heartstrings and makes us reflect on that around us. Out now on Armada Music, listen below.

Morgan Page has always been a busy artist. Releasing multiple tracks and albums, taking stage at festivals like Coachella, EDC, and Big Day Out, while collaborating alongside other trailblazers in the scene, there is no end to this age of Morgan Page. His 2011 album, In The Air, reached number one on Beatport’s “Top 100 Albums.” He has residency at the Wynn in Las Vegas and airs a powerhouse of a radio show. But on top of his busy lifestyle, he takes time to promote healthy and alternative living. A peacemaker in EDM and for the rest of the planet, he wants to continue to be a positive message for both music and the environment.

In an interview, Page said, “I want to create an event nobody ever forgets. The way to do that is deliver big songs that stay in your heart and never leave your mind.”

Morgan Page’s introspective sound full of bubbling champagne and massive light shows is taking over the new Track Club on October 12th. Click here to grab tickets before they’re gone.

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