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Ganja White Night and Liquid Stranger Serve Up ‘Jungle Juice’

Two of the biggest names in bass music, Ganja White Night and Liquid Stranger, have teamed up to create an instant classic, “Jungle Juice.” Released through a partnership between Wakaan and SubCarbon—their record labels—this brand-new tune is a full-length experience, and it is incredible.

When you hit play on “Jungle Juice,” you feel as though you’ve awoken on another planet – slightly disoriented, unfamiliar with your newfound settings, and irresistibly intrigued. Our narrator, so to speak, slowly guides us out of our foggy minds and into the depths of this mysterious world. Then, as we begin to move away from the spacey synths and suspicious soundscape, we find ourselves surrounded by tribal chants, a delicate tension in the air, and an overwhelming sense of anticipation. Check it out for yourself below!

Next, we seem to take a wrong turn somewhere along the line; either that, or our guiding voice may have misled us, perhaps intentionally; unfortunately, there’s no way to be sure. As the tension rises, our narrator continues to chant, “Deep in the jungle…” Then, we are met with woodwinds, a higher level of anticipation, and an ominous, new phrase, “Lost in the jungle…”

Now, in the pitch-black darkness, we have no idea what to expect from this menacing setting. Our only hint of what’s to come is the foreboding beat that’s beginning to build. Then, when it finds its way to us, our supposed friend reminds us one more time that we are, indeed, “Lost in the jungle…”

As soon as the beat drops, we are absolutely mesmerized. With Ganja White Night’s iconic wobble bass, quintessential drums, a wide variety of modulation throughout the drop, and so much more, the first drop of “Jungle Juice” is a delight, to say the least. Sure, the jungle may be intimidating and intense at times, but when you find the perfect niche, you’ll never want to leave.

As our master producers bridge the gap between the first drop and the second, we are revisited by the narrating voice, tribal chants, woodwinds, inescapable tension, etc. Now, you may think you know what’s in store, but we promise you – the second drop is an entirely different beast.

Simply put, the second drop of “Jungle Juice” is Liquid Stranger reminding us of his unparalleled creativity, uninhibited imagination, and incredibly timeless appeal. With an unbelievable baseline, sensational sound design, and free-as-can-be flow, Liquid Stranger puts on an absolute clinic deep down in the middle of this jungle. By the end of the journey, you’ll be craving another round of “Jungle Juice;” we guarantee it.

From start to finish, “Jungle Juice” is fresh, flavorful, and simply delicious. Perfectly blended, this masterful track is sure to quench countless thirsts for a long, long time to come. Care for a sample? Catch Ganja White Night on Wednesday, December 18 at The Van Buren in Phoenix! Grab tickets here!

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