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Gorgon City & MK Release New Melodic Single ‘There For You’

UK duo Gorgon City partnered with Marc Kinchen, better known simply as MK, for a new vocal house release “There for you.” The song opens with a funky rhythm and a short build-up to the enchanting female vocals that seamlessly blend with the light bass and piano elements. The melancholic and relatable lyrics, “Wish I was there for you, and I wish that you were there for me tool” will leave you reminiscing about what could have been. Soon, you’ll believe MK and Gorgon City created this song just for you.

MK is widely known by his hits “17” and “Body 2 Body” and is currently busy touring worldwide this summer while also producing new tracks. MK has a distinct sound with his lyrical house with sounds from the piano which has heavily influenced the genre and enticed other big-name artists to collaborate with him. Gorgon City, popular for their bass-driven house music with alluring vocals, has had a successful year as well. They have released an abundance of new tracks as well as performed at many big venues. These two musical powerhouses have created many prominent tracks the house genre, and the blending of their styles creates a wonderfully unique sound with addictive lyrics that you will sing to all summer long.

Interested in hearing more? You can check them out below!

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