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Have You Heard Dack Janiel’s ‘MURDER JUNKIE’ Yet?

Tanner Chung, also known as Dack Janiels, is an exceptional talent. From mastering his craft at Icon Collective to touring the world with his signature sound, Dack Janiels has been on an impressive roll in recent years. What’s more, many believe that the best is yet to come. Take, for instance, his latest single “MURDER JUNKIE.” Not only is it a killer tune, but it also shows the world that Mr. Chung is out for blood.

In no less than the first three seconds of the song, the listener’s attention is immediately drawn into the dark and eerie soundscape. Once there, a wicked bassline begins to stir. As it builds, Dack Janiels takes us deeper into the darkness with white noise, risers, a commanding kick drum roll, high-octane synths, and a sinister sample that says, “Stand still…” Then, rapid-fire shots of energy fill the void as Dack Janiels prepares to plunge us into pitch-black beauty.

As one would imagine, the drop is grimy, slimy, and absolutely delightful. With razor-sharp synths, violent bass, crystal-clear hi-hats, and punchy drums, we can’t help but dive headfirst into this song. This intoxicating creation only gets more captivating with time, as Dack Janiels continues to build upon these layers throughout the drop.

Showcasing his versatility, Dack delivers a wet, wonky, and wonderful conclusion to the track. From start to finish, “MURDER JUNKIE” by Dack Janiels is an instant classic.

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