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John Digweed Releases Second Collaborative Effort ‘Tachyon Return’

John Digweed is a proper DJ. A true pioneer for the industry, Digweed has accomplished many firsts, like compiling the first DJ mix compilation “The Mix Collection” and being the first British DJ to hold a residency at what was once known as the most well-known club in NYC. John Digweed’s art is truly an expansion from his contemporaries. From his infancy in in the acid house scene to blossoming at the peak of international dj’ing, Digweed has been setting the standards of integrity for future generations of DJs to use as a benchmark. Among his accomplishments, John Digweed still releases fire house and techno, like his collaboration with Gabriel Ananda and Nick Muir last year titled “Tachyon Dream.” The collaboration was their collective concept of electronic music and ventured into a vast, unexplored field of endless possibilities. Now, they’ve released the second part to this dream. Listen to “Tachyon Return” below.

John Digweed and his collaborative electronic peers returned “back in the studio to continue the story of the little Tachyon… Will the little tachyon make love with the baryon one day? Can the speed of light really keep them apart? Or is love stronger than e=mc2?” “Tachyon Return” is an immersive track abundant with whimsical vocals and intricate sounds woven together for a soulful techno experience that teleports you to a dreamscape of ethereal imaginations where only techno and love exist. Does it sound like your paradise? Discover Tachyon for yourself when John Digweed comes to Shady Park on October 6th. Find your tickets here.

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