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Kendoll Releases New Track ‘Wait a Minute’

Kendoll is a rising house music star on the Night Bass label and is landing hot slots in front of bigger and bigger crowds. Kendoll has released tracks on Dim Mak, Four 40 records, Audiophile XXL, OKNF, Psycho Disco!, and many more. She is constantly releasing new music, much to her growing number of supporters delight. You need to listen to her new release on Do Not Duplicate Recordings label “Wait a Minute.” This track follows her Playhouse EP released earlier this summer.

“Wait a Minute” has a rhythmic bassline with percussive elements that gradually builds momentum as the song progresses. This song delivers classic disco four-on-the-floor beats with hints of deep bass. The lyrics say “wait a minute, hold on just a second” yet through the changing tempo of the song that is all that is needed to tell the story. Kendoll does not disappoint with her creativity and spunk. At the rate she is going with all of her hard work, there is no question that she’ll be one of the biggest house stars in the near future. Want to hear more? You can connect with her out below!

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