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RB Deep in the Mix: Hotel It 0106 by Hito

Success, talent, and passion are the qualities that make Japanese producer Hito so powerfully and eccentrically positioned in the electronic music industry. She DJs on vinyl and produces a bold variety of sophisticated techno, ambient, and minimal electronica. Her performances are full of charm and honor for her culture that her fans truly love her and her unofficial title as an ambassador for Japan. Her music sprouted from the heart of Japan and blossomed from the underground belly of Berlin and Ibiza, earning her a nomination for Ibiza’s DJ award Breakthrough Artist in 2016. For this week’s RB Deep in the Mix, enjoy this mix from Hito for “Hotel It.”

Hito describes this mix as a “live mix is from the “Hotel It” opening reception party in Osaka. 100% vinyl playing Hito’s collection. Good for relaxing, chilling and driving for sure.” It’s a soothing, minimal soundtrack of nature sounds that seems allegiant to Hito’s eastern culture. Artists who cultivate small niches of idiosyncratic electronic music so beautifully as Hito does should be admired and treasured for their bravery to resist genre norms. Experience the musicality of Hito’s art when she performs at Bar Smith on October 25th. You can find tickets here.

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