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Relentless Beat of the Week: Cashmere Cat – ‘For Your Eyes Only’

Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat recently made his return with an album and tour announcement for Princess Catgirl, centered around the animated Catgirl, motion-captured utilizing Margaret Qualley. Like many artists, Cashmere Cat has often avoided having a direct picture of himself taken, sometimes even covering his face. It’s not such an unusual preference – in an industry that highlights music as art, why focus on the artist so much? Princess Catgirl seems an eccentric distraction from Cashmere Cat, while still giving fans a physical being to direct their attention. Following his first single in a year titled “Emotions,” Cashmere Cat’s latest angelic track “For Your Eyes Only” is our Relentless Beat of the Week.

“For Your Eyes Only” is ethereally created and not from this planet. Each element, from the cherub-like crooning melodic vocals to its whimsical sound design, foster a delicate softness in the listener’s ears. A powerful beat that hits with the drop gives the floating energy of this song a contrasting strength. In a word, Cashmere Cat’s single is intricate. Experience the magic of Princess Catgirl with Cashmere Cat when he brings her world to the Van Buren on December 21st. Get your tickets here.

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