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Ride the (Vapor) Wave with DMVU’s New Track ‘How Far To What’

In just one short month, fans have the chance to melt alongside Colorado-based producer DMVU. With a productive 2019, releasing a staggering 10 tracks all composed effortlessly to articulate his acid-induced sound, Matthew Philpott-Jones is well on his way to take over liquid bass as we know it. Crafting a vibe as smooth as honey with enough sizzle and bass to ignite energy, DMVU knows how to manipulate sound and transport audiences into a trance of nostalgia they have never known before. Since the release of his notorious track, “Bloccd,” Jones has grown from being a local in Denver, to known globally among those who revel in vaporwave. His latest track “How Far To What” ignites that early 90s surrealism characterized by the staticy aesthetics and hypnotic waves that emulate into pure sound. “How Far To What” is out now on Loci Records. Check it out below.

If you’ve never heard of vaporwave or dived deep into liquid bass, then DMVU is the DJ to listen to as he’s come to master each sound uniquely, while blending the two seamlessly. An intensely distorted sound with aromatic production, Jones is ready to drop viscous beats at his show at AURA on October 26th. Be sure to grab tickets here to see him alongside Jantsen.

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