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sfam Continues to Push the Creative Envelope with New EP ‘Shadows’

Jacob Hoerner and Michael Pearson make the elusive duo sfam. They’re pioneers of the ever-expanding future bass style. After seeing the popularity of this genre grow, the duo found their paramount objective was to creatively reach even further to make an EP that doesn’t sound like anything anyone else is putting out.  They certainly go out and accomplish just that in their newest EP, Shadows. Featuring collaborations with Mersiv and TVBOO, this project uses heavy bass and negative space to create a very original atmosphere that you should be prepared to start hearing pop up in sets all around the world.

Sfam – Shadows EP

Out on Wakaan, Shadows opens with the self-titled track that showcases the Duo on their own. It serves as a strong opening piece to prepare you for the wobble-monster of a track “Don’t Test Me.” This track features some trash-talking vocals, and some of the heaviest drops in the project.

“we’ve been making experimental beats for about 5 years now and have noticed how much this style has blown up over the last couple years. with that being said, we really wanted to reach even further to make an ep that doesn’t sound like anything anyone else is putting out. that’s always the goal with every tune we make but it was even stronger for the ep. the making of the collab with tvboo was full of trash talking (like usual) but we’re really excited about how it came out.

the collab with mersiv took a while because of both our schedules being so busy and we don’t live near each other but we’re very happy we waited for it finished.

quaviusblack brought a couple of the tunes to life vocally like he always does. he’s the only rapper we’ve ever had on any of our tracks and we know we can always count on him to come through with some fire” – sfaP

Check out this EP, and more from the artist, on the loudest, best sound system that you have.

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