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Slushii Prefaces Upcoming EP with New Single ‘Watch Yo Back’

That’s right frosty friends! Slushii is back and better than ever! Following his excitingly beautiful album DREAM that came out late last year, it seems the young, LA-based producer has been cooking up something new! Perhaps you’ve heard of the artist before, as he has quite a unique sound, with edgy production and candy coated runs that distinguish his tracks from any other. The young DJ also has had quite a few smash hits with world-renowned producer Marshmello, producing collaborations such as “Put Yo Hands Up”, “There x2”, and “Twinbow” over the years. Slushii and Marshmello have illustrated their close, brother-like relationship through their interactions on social media, and Slushii was also featured in the music video of Marshmello’s hit single “Moving On” in early 2017. In addition, Slushii has been known to remix many of Marshmello’s tracks, including two of Mello’s most popular hits “Alone” and “Silence.”

With an iconic name, logo, and hair colors to match, Slushii’s personality and talents continue to impress and grow as he continues his journey as an electronic artist in the industry. His new track, “Watch Yo Back,” is certainly the artistic banger we’ve all been craving and is definitely worth the listen! Listen to the song and watch the accompanying music video below!

Slushii – Watch Yo Back

The design displayed in the music video encompasses vibrant colors, trippy visuals, and animated art, all surrounding Slushii’s style and the vibes of the song. It even features the producer’s iconic (and let’s be honest, downright creative and cute) slush in a cup logo, promoting his brand while giving listeners a visual experience to go along with the audio. The new track is definitely not for the faint of heart, as Slushii brings the heat with a fusion of dubstep and hybrid trap. With this new track, he proves he is more than capable of producing bangers while still appealing to our fun and artistic sides through his original, candy-coated runs that made many avid listeners fall in love with his music in the first place. Perhaps even more exciting, this new single is reportedly the leadoff track for an upcoming EP that is currently in the works, though no release date has yet been set.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, here’s some more exciting news! Slushii is headed to Arizona for Halloween! Don’t miss your chance to catch his set at Boo! at Rawhide Event Center on October 19th! See the rest of the lineup and purchase tickets here!

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