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Sullivan King Leaves Us ‘Reckless’ and ‘Breathless’

In the last few years, throughout all of EDM, there have been very few talents rising as quickly and powerfully as Sullivan King. There are many things that set Sullivan apart, such as his musicality, incredible vocal range, and diehard, devoted fans. At the same time, however, one could argue that his biggest strength is his heart. While one can hear his unbelievable passion throughout the entirety of his discography, King’s latest EP, Reckless / Breathless, is some of his best work yet.

Before you experience the brand-new, two-track EP, we encourage to take a moment and read the story behind it. For your convenience, we’ve included a tweet from the man himself, Sullivan King.

Now that you’re all caught up, listen to the Reckless / Breathless EP below!

Within moments of hitting play on “Reckless,” one is met with massive energy. Sick guitar licks? Check. Metal-inspired drums patterns? Double check. Sullivan King’s killer vocals? Triple check! This foundation sets the stage for an instant classic, but there’s so much more to it than that. When one truly dissects this song—as well as “Breathless”—one will see that King’s vision for this EP was masterfully executed.

As soon as his iconic voice comes in, one can’t help but shift their focus towards Sullivan King’s grim lyrics: “Meet me in the darkness / Down in the trenches… Split it down the middle / And let’s get reckless!” In other words, the speaker has embraced his inner darkness, doesn’t see a problem with inviting outsiders into it, and is eager to get reckless. Unfortunately, that readiness to “split it down the middle” might just come back to haunt him, as a war of sorts—hence the trenches—is lurking on the horizon. Furthermore, he can’t see it yet—perhaps because of his beloved darkness—but he will be the one to pull the trigger, fire the first shot, and ultimately put a hole in someone’s heart.

While King captivates us with his signature vocals, the guitar grinds along in an angry and ominous rhythm. The drums, meanwhile are violent and irritable throughout. Now, mix together that anger, irritability, and self-oriented structure. What does that give you?  As Sullivan said earlier, “someone that doesn’t care about what happens around them.” The drops, of course, continue the exact same train of thought.

If the intro is a madman pouring gasoline on everything that he ever loved, then the bridge is him lighting a match and preparing to drop it. Then, when he lets go, the beat comes in; and as it does, it sparks a phenomenal fire, which immediately engulfs him and his surroundings – forever changing his story.

The second drop, however, can be heard as an argument, as it has several voices within it. The grungy bass beneath could reflect his narrator’s inner turmoil as he feels his carelessness corrupt him. On top of this, a set of whiney synths could capture the cries of his beloved, and now hurt, friends and family members.

As if those chapters weren’t enough, the second half of the track is even more emotional and intense. While the second verse further fans the flames, the final drop is practically apocalyptic; but that does make sense, after all, especially if the narrator’s entire world came crashing down right before their very eyes. Then, in the last 30 seconds or so, we are left with a vicious combination of drums and guitar, as we look around at the aftermath of this self-destructive story. And as the dust settles and the anger leaves our hearts, Sullivan weaves in a hint of what’s to come: acoustic guitar. Simply put, “Reckless” tells one hell of a tale.

Enter “Breathless,” the other perspective of this two-sided story. In the first verse, Sullivan narrates someone who has been left on a bed of broken glass, hoping that the sharp edges will be the last sensations that they feel before death. Perhaps this pain is nothing compared to the suffering that they felt throughout “Reckless.” And so, our second story begins.

King continues to explain that the “Breathless” has been hurt more times than they can count, and yet, they still hold onto the “Reckless.” The first drop is a delicate combination of hesitant drums, bass surges, Sullivan’s sullen lyrics, sweeping synths, and a leading guitar that is riddled with emotion. To some listeners, it may sound like it’s choked up, crying, or perhaps even pleading with the character in “Reckless.” Then, at the end of the first drop, the opening lines of “Breathless” briefly return, as they pave the path to the second drop.

The final segment of the song uses the chorus as a bridge to the final drop, a lovely blend of the first one, Sullivan’s vocals, and the wailing guitar. Then, in the final moments of this journey, Sullivan King brings back the acoustic guitar while its wailing counterpart fades into darkness. At the very end of the song, we are left with nothing but the acoustic guitar and B’s somber plea, “You are so reckless / Leaving me breathless… All good things come to an end / But do we have to die in your head?” Just like “Reckless,” “Breathless” is a masterpiece.

Suffice it to say, Sullivan King puts an incredible amount of passion, love, and heart into all of his work; and, in the minds of many, this EP might just be the best demonstration of his talent yet. If you enjoyed both songs on the Reckless / Breathless EP, then you will love Sullivan’s King upcoming concert on Friday, November 8 at The Pressroom in Phoenix. Trust us, with Sullivan King, Lick, and Grabbitz on the lineup, you will be reckless, breathless, and simply blown away. Grab your tickets today!

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