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Venue Spotlight: Gentle Ben’s

Tucked off University Blvd., right next to the University of Arizona campus in Tucson, is a place named Gentle Ben’s. Built in 1908 and established in 1971, Gentle Ben’s was once located under what is now the lobby of the Marriott Hotel. In 1991, Gentle Ben’s began brewing, and, at the time, was the only brewery in Tucson! Since, Gentle Ben’s has become known across campus and Tucson as a brewery home to great beers, good food, amazing pizookies, and good company. At the upstairs bar, Gentle Ben’s features some of the hottest DJ’s in the industry.


From Dombresky to Chris Lakes to Gold Rush Expeditions with Dr.Fresch and Blossom, Gentle Ben’s has hosted top artists from around the world. Crowds come out in droves with tickets in hand, lining up around the block to get in and experience a night at Gentle Ben’s. Beer, food, and good times promised. Another aspect of Gentle Ben’s that continues to draw Tucson crowds is the supporting of its home-grown artists.


You can catch Crankdat at Gentle Ben’s TONIGHT, and a variety of other shows including Borgore, Barely Alive, Riot Ten and more throughout the year. Learn more about Gentle Ben’s on their website.

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