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Artist Spotlight: Moksi

The word Moksi comes from a country in Central America meaning mix, in all contexts of the word. A mix of cultures, people, food, and most notably, music. These Dutch producers, Samir and Diego, took the name to heart and used it to signature their sound and connection. “You can Moksi everything.” The duo has been friends for over 15 years and loves sharing their passion for music that the fruition of Moksi was inevitable. And four years ago, they began to jam and collaborate, turning their history into an unstoppable career of daring music and captivating productions.

It all started with a 45-second snippet of a tune that released and had the underground wanting more. The sample morphed into a dance hit called “Getting Higher,” instantly grabbing the attention of Yellow Claw. Soon after, the two became a part of the Barong Family. This ignition paved the way for their debut EP, Brace Yourself, which sparked a chain reaction of more productions and their first DJ gig at Tomorrowland 2015. With a beginning like that, it’s hard to ignore their sound of irresistibly heavy-hitting basslines complete with a “moksi” of house styles, both traditional and unique.

Their first show being Tomorrowland put them on the map and the two knew they needed a signature look to match. A combo of fashionable tracksuits and bucket hats became their aesthetic and continues to follow them show after show and release after release. From there, Samir and Diego’s career only continued to bloom as they caught the attention of big names in the scene. With their organic chemistry and casual style, everything happened fast. Remixing Yellow Claw’s “Feel It” and “No Class,” Valentino Khan’s “Deep Down Low,” and Dj Snake’s “Propaganda,” while producing EP’s almost back-to-back, their knack for shelling out tracks was anything but dull. Embracing their creativity and running with the fire, Moksi knows how to make any crowd swoon with their voluptuous House tracks.

But their collaborations with several DJ’s on such diverse tracks truly mark their versatility as artists, proving they can bring a vibe unlike any other to the table. In 2016, they went on tour in Australia, then took the world by storm as they joined Yellow Claw and the Barong Family on a ground-shaking tour. Moksi also teamed up with fellow label member Chace, dropping their Connections EP and two music videos for “Lucky” and “For A Day.” Their track “Open” with Yellow Claw and Jonna Fraser dropped in March 2017 and continues to be their most played tune. And another track with Dutch duo, Chocolate Puma, called “Hippo,” has even reached number one on Beatport.

There’s no sign that these two are burning out anytime soon and with a busy schedule and drive to produce we’ll be sure to welcome every addition to their tracklist. Including their most recent debut album, The Return of House Music, which dropped on August 2nd. We’re all keeping it on repeat as we prepare for the duo to take over AURA on October 12th. Grab tickets here to “Moksi” and mingle with a kaleidoscope of house music.

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