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Get ‘Wooked on Tronics’ with New Subtronics EP

Subtronics has been producing crazy bass music to make your neck break for a couple of years now, but recently his sound has been making waves across the entire electronic music scene due to his signature style, visual aesthetic, and his huge hit song “Griztronics” with the legendary future funk artist Griz. Known for his intense approach to the riddim genre, Subtronics is commonly found performing alongside fellow Gravedancer artists such as Boogie T, Al Ross, and Squnto. Like with any loving fan base, the Cyclops Army (the official fan group of Subtronics) has clamored for new music and their requests have been heard. Wooked on Tronics, the new EP by Subtronics is out now and has five original tracks built just for melting faces off.

Beginning with a title that’s visceral as the project’s artwork, “Death Wish” is the first track of Wooked on Tronics. The track carries a haunting melody as riddim chops throughout the beat. “Face Off” stands out as a signature Subtronics track with rising build ups and vocal samples cut in right before the drop. The new EP ends with “MAD”, the only track on the project with a featured artist. Moody Good, a resident Deadbeats producer joins Subtronics for a marvelous collaboration complete with such dynamic switch ups and drops that listeners will hit replay every time.

If you’re Wooked on Tronics already, make sure to get tickets to see Subtronics perform on his Cylops Invasion tour. He’s already played at major music festivals across America such as Hard Summer, Bass Canyon, and Lost Lands and will be coming to Arizona for a very special New Year’s performance. Don’t miss out on the very first ever GrizTronics set at Decadence Arizona with Subtronics and Griz. More information and tickets can be found here. All members of the Cyclops Army are welcome.

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